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Artists who use Cordial cables actually do. That's because Cordial cables deliver your sound, plain and simple. No BS, no hype, no techno-speak mumbo-jumbo. Just exceptional German quality, hand-soldered Neutrik connectors, road-worthy jackets, and musician-friendly prices—all backed by a lifetime warranty.

You put your all into your music and your tone. Now imagine actually hearing it. All of it.

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Cordial ready-made cables feature our premium German-engineered
and -manufactured cabling and hand-soldered Neutrik connectors.


Stage and Studio


The Artist's Choice


For Contemporary DJs

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In only a few short years, Cordial’s bulk cable offerings have become the go-to products for installers and integrators worldwide. Chosen for their combination of superb signal transmission characteristics coupled with unsurpassed reliability and durability, Cordial cables form the backbone of major concert venues, exhibition halls, opera houses, television stations, and parliamentary buildings, as well as shopping centers, houses of worship, night clubs, and schools. With in-stock availability of over 200 different types of precision German-made cabling, an impressive assortment of customizable multicore systems, and pricing that delivers the greatest value possible for your dollar, Cordial is the brand to look to for accurate, dependable, worry-free transmission of audio, video, lighting, and data signals.

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The Cordial Source Vol. 2 No. 2 - May 2019

Sylvia Massy Smells Great! / High-Copper Tone / The Best Mic Cable Ever?

 CSM 250 Gold Microphone Cables Now Shipping 

High-copper design delivers most accurate, full-bandwidth signal over greatest possible distances

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With well over 1,200 products in the company lineup and nearly 25 years of experience, innovation, and dedication to the art and science of audio and data transmission, Cordial has become the first choice of performing artists, live sound technicians, recording engineers, and venue designers in over 60 countries across the globe.


  • 25+ years in business
  • Sold in 60 countries worldwide
  • Europe’s leading cable brand
  • Company-owned copper reserves
  • “Integrity” is the foundation of company
    culture, ethos, and products

From the CEO

CCUSA Francois-Rousies

As we continue to make expand our presence in North America, I’d especially like to emphasize the ethical motives behind our company policy. CORDIAL stands for reliability, trust, and sustainability; principles that all come under the heading FAIRNESS – the key concept of CORDIAL’s prevailing business philosophy.

Fairness characterizes, for example, the established relationship with our customers, who really appreciate our combination of high quality and superb price-performance ratio. Our business approach towards suppliers, distributors, and retailers is based on maximum transparency, fair conditions, and reliability. Our attitude towards business is also exemplified by the extraordinary sustainability of our products and the modern standards we meet when it comes to manufacturing and packaging concepts.

To us it is particularly important that this approach is wholeheartedly championed by all members of our staff, no matter which position they hold at CORDIAL.

Viel Spaß | Enjoy

François Rousies | CEO

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