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ENCORE cables boast the same top-of-the-line performance and rugged reliability as the PEAK line, but with added "cool factors" such as unique wraps and Neutrik silent connectors — just the thing to inspire the artist in you!


  • Cabling designed and manufactured in Germany using the finest German materials
  • 99.99% pure oxygen-free virgin (non-recycled) copper core and shield for superior signal transmission
  • High-density copper shield for optimum noise rejection
  • Noise-eliminating core sleeve
  • Ultra-low capacitance / low resistance for pure signal up to 15 meters
  • Hand-soldered Neutrik connectors
  • Retail pricing typically 30% - 40% lower than other premium
    cable brands
  • Lifetime warranty

High-Copper Series

More Copper Medallion Large

Cordial's High-Copper-series cables, part of the Encore line, boast the highest copper content of any comparable brand. More copper means more of your original signal passes through the cable without compromise, so your highs remain brilliant, your mids stay razor-focused, and your lows thump the way you do — even over long distances.


  • Largest diameter copper conductor cores on the market, typically 3x standard cables
  • Exceptional linearity and frequency response
  • Ideal for long-run applications
  • Endorsed by major artists and engineers, including Andrew Gouché, Sylvia Massy, and Paul Jackson, Jr.

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